Thursday, August 04, 2011

A day in the life....

This ol' blog here tends to focus on the exciting stuff we do around here. So For prosperity sake I thought I would give you a little insight in what a "typical" day is like around these parts....

7:00am- the alarm on my iPhone goes off and I drag myself out of bed and into the shower.

Next it is time to slap on some make-up. Yes that is a caboodle and no you can't have it.

So this is as good as it's going to get when it comes to my mug, so now that I am presentable it is time to wake up the monsters.

The Phi snug in her Spongebob bed. She sleeps on the edge because all the books, magazines and dozens of stuffed animals take up about 75% of the bed.

Lou tends to sleep in the corners of her crib. Usually just the flick of the light switch wakes these two up.

Just like everyone else in the family, Lou is NOT a morning person.

New diaper, new dress and hair combed. One down! One to go...

Slathered in lotion and hair pulled into a bun we have 2 kids ready to go.

Grab the diaper bag and the lunch pail and we are in the car headed to the office with 6 minutes to spare. Good thing I live 4 minutes from work.

This is my first day back at the office after a week vacation. I expected my desk to be a disaster area but was pleasantly surprised to find it fairly neat.

Time to feed the kids. This morning it is pancakes at Mom's desk. It is usually pancakes at Mom's desk.

For the next 30 minutes or so the kids get to watch some cartoons on Netflix while Mommy gets work done. Thank goodness for the split screen option on Windows 7!

Then Lou is freed to roam the office. On this particular day she got into a trash can and ate a yogurt cup. I have no idea how long the cup had been in the trash but by the evidence on her mouth she got a good snack out of it. Now I just hope she doesn't get sick from old yogurt.

Nap Time! This is Lou at nap time. Please notice the lack of napping.

Then in a game changing move the electricity goes out. Here are the girls in my office in the dark. After waiting 45 minutes with no power we got the okay from the boss to head out. It was starting to get hot in the office!

So back in the car by 12:11 and heading home.

At home we all have some lunch. Here is the boring sandwich I had packed for me. The girls ate equally boring sandwiches.

Since the power outage threw my day off I called The Phi's dermatology office to see about rescheduling her light therapy appointment. No dice.

With Lou down for a nap (with actual sleeping this time!) and The Phi happily in her playroom (no TV as punishment for lying to me the week before) I was able to catch up on my shows.

Without T.V. The Phi was apparently bored to sleep. Al Bundy style.

While the girls are sleeping Joey gets home and up next it is a mad rush to get the girls into the car and out to The Phi's doctors office for her light therapy. The Phi is inside this refrigerator looking thing with the blue lights on. This session was 26 seconds long.

After light therapy we need a quick Target trip. First some Starbucks to get me through the rest of the day. We shop for Ronin's birthday gift and then head out back to our neck of the woods.

Dinner is Taco Tuesdays at Rio Ranch Market. This is our now usual Tuesday dinner and oh man it is so good. Even though we are essentially eating dinner in the middle of a grocery store.

After dinner we head out to the park and unload the blankets and chairs and settle in for Movies Under the Stars. We are really excited to see Rango!

10:00pm. Home from the movies and time to get the girls to bed. Teeth brushed, stories read, and foreheads kissed.

Time for me to get the lunches ready for the next day. Yup I am making myself another boring sandwich.

Then it is off to bed, exhausted and happy and ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

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  1. Just wanted to say your O.G Kaboodle rocked my socks off. I had one just like that. I have one that is black and fancy--its a Kaboodle too. Haaay.


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