Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bass Lake 2011- Day Two

We started most mornings with a walk into "town". A sort mile walk after breakfast was a nice way to get the blood flowing before heading to the water for the day.

Of course a walk into town usually meant ice cream or candy treats at the Pines Bakery!

Of course Schmonkey was with us too. Just hanging out as usual

Then it was time to hit the water. All the kids did not hesitate and were in the water all day long! With life jackets of course.

Elaine and Kelly!

The highlight of our second night was the big birthday party for Schmonkey. Apparently he turned 2 years old. Which is really weird because Phi has had him since 2005, but I am not going to question The Phi. There was banana cream pie, gifts from everyone, and as a special "props" session everyone went around and said what they love about Schmonkey. Even my cousin Mikey and his friends who had meet Schmonkey for the first time that night. Those guys probably thought we were the strangest family ever having a birthday party for a stuffed monkey. Schmonkey got some rad gifts like a Pines pin, a new hat, some chips, a gift certificate for a new outfit, some plastic food (corn and ice cream sandwich) and even a home made drum set from The Chone! It was a great party for a great monkey.

And the night ended with a few rounds of beer pong. Pops and I were a team and we sucked. Elaine and Kelly were the champs of the night!

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