Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day

For Father's Day I found this super cute questionnaire for The Phi fill out all about her Dad. We had a good time answering these questions.

The letter at the bottom says "Happy Fathers Day. You're a great Dad" 
The picture below is of her hugging her Dad. He is so small because according to The Phi he is only 30 pounds. 

I really liked this so I made up another one for The Phi to fill out for her Tata. 
This one was even better!

Joey was able to come home from work early and we were able to enjoy the day doing what we love. Walking around malls. Before we left the girls gave him his Father's Day card.

It was stuffed with a lot of pictures drawn by The Phi and even Lou's first ever picture!

I know she is an artistic genius.

It was nice to spend a day forcing Joey to make decisions about what to eat, and where to go. It was also nice to have a day to recognize what an amazing Dad Joey is. The Phi and Lou are super lucky girls to have a Daddy who loves them so much and is so involved in everything they do.

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