Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Living Desert. Or how Phi picked Joey over me....

To a classroom of 5 year olds there is nothing more exciting than a field trip. And I have to admit it's pretty exciting to the parents of those 5 year old too. We got notice that The Phi's class would be going to The Living Desert for their spring field trip. This was one of those trips where each kid had to bring a parent. Since siblings are not allowed to attend field trips, one of us would have to stay with Lou and the other would go with The Phi on her field trip.

I let The Phi choose.

Without any hesitiation. Before I could even finish the question she said "DAD, DAD! I WANT DAD!!"

So they packed thier lunches and put on thier sunscreen and got to spend the day at the Living Desert. I let The Phi take my point and shoot camera with instructions to take a lot of pictures. She did.

Many with her finger in them.

The Phi has been in school for 3 years now and she has always gravitated towards the boys. This picture shows that. She is the only girl on the left side in the pink hat.
Of course she found a friend with a stroller. I can't blame her it was 103 degrees there.

Here is The Phi and her buddy Tristan. They started pre-school together when they were just 3 years old.

Despite the agonizing heat they still went to play at the playground. Twice.

A ride on the carousel
The coolest part of the trip was The Phi got to ride a camel!!

It sounds like they had a great time. But I wouldn't know because she picked her Dad.


  1. Don't hold it against her for more than 15 years! LOL. Great post.

  2. Mercy Elaine8:31 AM

    I can't say I've been on a camel. Don't even know if I've seen one in person. I'm jealous Phi!


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