Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm on a horse

Recently we attended a birthday party for my bosses grand-daughter. The Phi and Kelly have known each other since Kelly was born and they had a blast at the party. It was a grand shindig with an amazing horse theme.

Horses are my bosses passion in life and at the birthday party she got to show off Cylde. A horse she has just for the kids to ride. Part of the party was horseback rides for the kids. I was not sure if The Phi would want to get on the horse. It was not the same as the little ponies at the pumpkin patch. She was so excited and got right on.

Lou and Daddy sitting around the arena watching The Phi on a horse.

Safety First!

With some help from Merijane and Alfredo The Phi is on a horse!

Lou having fun with Daddy!
(thanks J-dub!)

The Phi ON A HORSE. Walking around the arena.

When Merijane asked if she wanted to go around one more time, she enthusiastically said yes. She loved it.

My boss Merijane has some very beautiful horses in her barn. Simply gorgeous animals.

We had a fantastic time and The Phi hopes to ride again very soon!
Thanks Merijane!


  1. I love to share my passion. Glad she had a good time!!!

  2. Anonymous7:32 PM

    that was not the phi having fun with daddy, mommy. it was lou! ;)


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