Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I never miss an opportunity to get revenge. I mean teach.

The other night as I was putting the girls to bed I mentioned to Joey that I still needed to wash bottles before we could begin our routine of wine and reality TV. The Phi huffed and with all the attitude of an almost 6 year old said...

"Wash bottles? That's easy, you just put them in the water. That's not hard."

Oh really? I am never one to pass up an educational opportunity and this kid was in need of a lesson. Very quickly I came back with...

"Really? Okay, then I will leave 2 bottles for you to wash after school tomorrow."

That wiped that little grin off her face REAL fast.

So the next day after school she did her homework, and by the sink there were 2 dirty bottles waiting for her.

In the end she learned that washing bottles is a little more complicated than putting them in water. And BONUS.... she thought it was kind of fun and I am pretty sure I can convince her to do it more often!


  1. That last picture is classic.

  2. It's so cute when kids think work is fun. I'm pretty sure I was over that phase quick.


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