Sunday, April 03, 2011

Perfect 10


We call you our "crazy one". Our 10 month photo session just proved you deserve the nickname. When you are grown-up and look at all your month photo sessions and you ask me "Why did you do such a horrible job on my 10 month pictures?" I will shake my head and tell you because you were crazy and would not sit still.

You are into everything. You will pull yourself up onto anything you can. We are constantly pulling you away from the dog bowl. If you are sitting on the floor with all your toys around you, you will find a shoe or dvd case that is more interesting. You are "talking" more and pointing at things and most recently you learned to clap. It's super cute.

Despite the fact that you look so much like you sister, you are proving to have a very different personality. While your sister was shy around people, you adore the attention strangers give you. And with a face like yours you get so much attention. People stop us CONSTANTLY!

Lou, I cannot believe that 10 month have passed since that amazing day you came into our world. We are planning your birthday party! Incredible. You are growing out of clothes so fast and I get so sad when I clean out your closet. You are growing up so fast and even though you are flourishing and I love watching you grow I can't believe my baby is so big.

You challenge me daily.Trying to keep you entertained and still get everything done that needs to get done has shown me that I am way more creative that I ever thought I could be. You have also showed me that I have much more patience than I thought I had.

The Phi is still your most favorite person on the planet. She can just do a little dance and you are cracking up. Your Daddy is your second favorite person and every single time he looks at you, you get that little sly smile across your face. Which of course leaves me at third. (Possibly 4th because you really do like Roo too). I am just happy to be your Mom.

You, Phi and Daddy are my whole heart and if I could spend everyday just hanging out with the 3 of you I would.

You are my "crazy one". My wild, happy, outgoing, curious, and beautiful one.


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