Friday, March 18, 2011

How The Phi Almost Got Her Little Butt Kicked Out Of The House

As I was putting her to bed, The Phi asked me to do something for her one night. I told her I would do it the next day. She frowned and pouted and mumbled, "Why not? All your going to do is have fun with Dad on the couch and watch American Idol". I threw up my hand and gave a loud "Oh no she didn't!". Even though she was totally right. She just forgot about the glass of wine.

Her comment was just proof positive that she believes that fairies come into the house everyday and do all the work around here. When I told Joey about The Phi's comment he did his best to explain to her all the things I do for them throughout the day. How at the end of the night, those couple of hours Joey and I have together after the kids go to bed is our time to relax and talk after long days of jobs and taking care of her and Louella.  It was good for her to hear it. To realize that food does not magically appear. Birds don't fly into the kitchen and wash and put away the dishes. The clothes don't march themselves into the washing machine and march back into the closets.

This shit doesn't happen around here...

I have not successfully trained Roo to sweep the floors. Reality is I am the only one who does any housework. So it got me thinking. The Phi is going to be 6 years old very soon. Sounds like a great age to start carrying your weight around here. I think this summer The Phi will begin doing some chores around here.And of course even earn herself a little allowance. So what kind of chores can I give a 6 year old? I'm guessing mowing the lawn is out of the question.


  1. Gurrrrl. Oh no she didn't. Maya just told me the other day,"You are such a MEAN MOMMY." I laughed.

    The Phi, your time has come. At her age she can dump out the bathroom/bedroom trashcans, put the dishes away. Sort the laundry. Match her socks. Help put the groceries away. Wipe the counters. Water plants. And the list goes on and on.

    I guess that's why Maya called me mean, right?? LOL

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  3. Anonymous8:39 AM

    make her bed! I love what Pearmama said about the trash cans...I see chores in Liam's future. Both already help me sort laundry and I pile up their toys that they've left out and they're responsible for putting them away. We use the step method. "Step 1 is put your toys away. Step 2 is fold the blankets. Step 3."..and so on until I feel they've worked enough at their age (10-20 minutes) to experience what I do daily.

  4. Xanadu7:27 PM

    angel is 6 now and i have him help with picking up the toys. he sometimes feels it's unfair that he has to help with his brothers mess too but i have to remind him that they will learn by watching him and when they get older they can do some of the stuff he doesn't want to when helping cleaning up. he helps put clothes away in his room and making his bed. he makes sure to always take his dishes to the sink when he's done which the twins have learned and started to do as well. and if the dishwasher is open then he puts his stuff in cause that's his hint that the stuff is dirty and feel free to load. as small as that sounds it really does help. little things like that really do help and make a huge differnece!

  5. Us "Mean Moms" need to stick together! My 9 yr old has been in charge of clearing the table since she's been able to see the top of it, but now I've got her rinsing the dishes & loading into the dishwasher.

    Good Luck!

  6. oh my gosh, I think the Phi has been talking to Aubrey! The other day, after I didn't let the girls play in the park after softball practice I heard how MEAN I was... so I went on and on to explain everything I do for them, to which Aubrey paused and mouthed off to me saying "sounds like all you are is a maid".... yeah, her butt is getting a chore list this weekend!


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