Monday, March 21, 2011

Firsts for the Second

Today Lou had her first teething cookie. Joey gave it to her and I got to see the aftermath when I picked her up at about 2 today. She was sitting in her high chair and as I went in to greet her with a kiss this was staring back at me....

 A messy face, but a happy kid. I kissed her anyways because, well it's hard to resist such a cute little face.

 I was afraid that since Lou is our second child all her milestones would not be as awesome. In fact they are not only just as amazing as when The Phi was a baby, but they also bring back memories of The Phi's firsts.

As I grabbed the camera to capture this messy face and how much Lou enjoyed her first "cookie" I remembered the picture I took of The Phi, at about the same age, with the same satisfied grin after her first cookie.

It's nice to experience these "firsts" with my second and reminiscing about all the firsts of the first.

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  1. so cute! i think lou looks more like me and elaine (like a gomez) than day-day.


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