Tuesday, March 01, 2011

9 months.....seriously???


Today you are 9 months old. Excuse my language but holy crap! Where did the time go? Seriously the fact that you are only 3 months away from your first birthday is beyond ridiculous. Beyond.

So some exciting stuff as happened. Mostly you finally got some teeth. Just like your sister you waited a long time to cut your first teeth. You guys must get that from your Dad, because the overachiever I am, I was born with a tooth. That's right, I was teething right out of the womb. It's amazing my parents kept me.

There are some things that haven't changed. Like you still can't say Mom, but Dada you can yell all day long. And you adore your sister. And it's been awesome to watch your relationship growing and changing. You love to play with anything your sister is playing with, and bath time is your fave because its time with The Phi. No one blames you, The Phi is rock star status.

You are mobile in the sense that you can get to anyplace you want to be by rolling and pulling yourself. Again like your sister you will wait a little longer to crawl and believe me...I am totally okay with that. I have a feeling that with you we are going to be forced to baby proof EVERYTHING!

You are my "wild one with an angel's face". A friend of ours asked your Dad and I if we ever just stare at you and marvel at your cuteness. And I have to admit it, we do. You are such a beautiful baby. And not just on the outside, but when you smile you radiate this happiness and it is the most amazing thing ever. I have been doing my best to capture it all in photos but a lens cannot capture your radiance.

I love you my chubby one,

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