Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dipes and Wipes

With the 5 year gap between my girls there is a lot of things I forgot. One of them was how much you talk about poop. It is a constant topic these days...

"Did Lou poop this morning?"
"How many times did she poop today?"
"Why is Lou's poop orange?"
"Guess where Lou pooped today? In the tub"

Seriously it is crazy how often Joey and I are talking about poop. When The Phi was a baby we talked about poop just as much but in a much different way. It was more like...

"Did Phi poop today?"
"How many days has it been since Phi pooped?"
"I had to literally deliver a poop from Phi today"

See Phi was constantly constipated. She never pooped and when she did it was like rabbit poop. There was so much pushing and crying involved we always knew when The Phi was going #2. Lou is the complete other side of the spectrum. The kid poops (no joke) a minimum of 3 times a day. The first thing she does every morning is poops. And she is like a ninja pooper too. I never know when shes going. It's my nose that gets that message.

All in all, even with the constant diaper changes and the ridiculous amounts of baby wipes we go through I prefer a kid who poops, ninja-style, 3 times a day than the constant constipator.

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