Thursday, December 30, 2010

Xmas 10

The whirlwind that was Christmas was amazing! It was Louella's first and she took it all in and really enjoyed the lights, the people, the paper and the gifts. The Phi got everything on her list and was so happy to spend time with her cousins.

We spent Christmas Eve with my whole family at Big Nana and Big Tata's house. Just like we do every year.
There was pots full of tamales, giant bottles of wine and of course a visit from Santa himself. We had a white elephant exchange and I totally cleaned up. At the end I ended up with an awesome new coffee maker and a purple snuggie!

Christmas morning was spent at Mom and Pop's in Santa Barbara. The whole family was together thanks to modern technology. Before the kids got to rip through their gifts we got Tia Uh-laine and Kelly on the TV from Savannah, Georgia through Skype. It was our first (and hopefully only) Christmas without Elaine so it was so nice to see and hear her.

After a great tamale and egg breakfast Joey made a Christmas miracle and packed everything in our car and we headed out to spend the rest of the day with Joey's family. We had another white elephant gift exchange were I did not clean up at. We also played Bingo and ate some more tamales with sopapillas.

The next day we had the last of our Christmas celebrations at our house with Joey's Mom. Yes even more tamales and even more gifts for the girls.

Enjoy a few pics from our Christmas. (if you are on Facebook please see the original post!)

Both The Phi and Lou got some amazing gifts. Lots of toys, clothes and even a subscription to Bop magazine! (Yes all the Justin Beiber she can handle!) The Phi really deserves it (Lou? well that's yet to be determined). She is such a good girl and Joey and I are lucky to have her. Seeing her face when she opened her gifts was the best gift Joey and I could ask for. The years are flying by and these magically years with her are limited.


Seriously, how did we make such gorgeous little girls?

We hope your Christmas was filled with family, love, laughter and lots of tamales!

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