Tuesday, December 14, 2010

For the Photo Ops

 After Thanksgiving our awesome pumpkin patch turns into an awesome Christmas Tree farm. We didn't got for a tree. Thanks to The Phi's allergy's we go fake. Instead we went for the Christmas-y atmosphere and hot beverages. As soon as we got there we had Joey get us some nice warm beverages. Even though it was chilly it was really that cold. But you can't wander through a winter wonderland without a hot drink.

Loved this little sign on the coffee cart....
 The Phi had a warm chocolate milk. A special treat because it was made with steamed milk and well real milk is a treat for The Phi. She drinks rice milk at home.

I had a Candy Cane latte and it was as good as it sounds and looked! 


The Phi and I spent a little time warming our tootsies by the fire....

Then we wandered the Christmas trees. There was a section of flocked trees that were so lovely....
 My girls....

Lou and Daddy enjoying the sights. I don't think this kids eyeballs could get any bigger (nah nah nah nah everyday, like my eyeballs stuck on replay- That's for you Tia Uh-laine)

 On the first day of Christmas The Phi gave me to me.......

A Schmonkey in a Christmas Tree!!!

I love my girls so much!

It was a fantastic evening with my family.


  1. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Your girls are SO, so adorable.

    Love the sign on the coffee cart!

  2. GABRIEL JR10:30 PM



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