Monday, November 15, 2010

Top of the Dome

Joey and I have a love for art. Having 2 kids has not stopped us from enjoying an art show now and then. That's right. We have become "those people". You know the ones in the middle of a crowd of hipsters with the 5 year old in one hand and the 5 month old in a backpack on my chest. That's exactly what we were a few Saturdays ago. We headed to downtown LA to the gallery district to the graffiti art gallery called Crewest. They had an opening reception for an exhibit called "Top of the Dome". A very cool idea, where they gave artist a blank skull and let them do whatever they felt. The reception was packed with lots of cool people, a DJ, and lots of amazing art pieces.

I know when we go to these things with the girls there has to be one person who thinks "OMG I can't believe they brought their kids!" But I do not let this intimidate me. When I was a kid an art gallery was something other people went to. I guess I thought they were for rich people. I was intimidated by the idea of fine art. I did not feel like I belonged. It wasn't until I started studying art that I lost that feeling. That I begin exploring art gallery's and museums. I can spend hours at a gallery looking at the same pieces over and over.

George Yepes

I take my children to art gallery's so that they grow up appreciating art and artists. To learn to love different type of art and give them the opportunity to interpret art in their own way. To feel like they belong in places like gallery's and museums. I take my girls also because they are well behaved. Lou can chill and just hang out and The Phi is such a well behaved girl I don't have to worry about her running around or acting like a fool. This makes going to places like this fun and easy for us. Thank goodness! And we take her to opening receptions so she can meet the artists.

On the night of Top of the Dome, the gallery had a small exhibit of George Yepes pieces. And even better, Yepes was there that night.

George Yepes

Art is so important to me. We do what we can to keep a collection in our homes. So we can surround our kids and our home with beautiful things.

It was hot in that tiny gallery and Lou needed some cooling off so Joey took the kids outside for a few.

Me, Phi, Schmonk, George Yepes and our signed print.

When we went up and had Yepes sign out print I was able to tell him a little bit about us and our history with him. One of the first things Joey and I did as a couple was go to an art opening in Santa Monica with my sisters. It was an opening for a George Yepes show. This was back in either late 2003 or early 2004. We got to meet Yepes. When we saw him at Crewest I told him about that art show and how 6 years later we were meeting him again, this time married with 2 babies. He said "he has that effect on people!" haha.


  1. Anonymous12:46 PM

    OMG comadre! LACMA has an Olmec exhibit borrowed from the Anthropology museum in Mexico City- remember the huge heads?!? It is awesome and made me so nostalgic for Mex City. We are convinced jz is Olmec. :)

  2. Looks like alot of fun! Wish we would have gone.


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