Thursday, November 25, 2010


I just checked on the girls one last time before going to bed. They are both sound asleep in a comfy cozy bedroom. PR Dad is at work, as the retail super star that he is, this is the biggest day of the year at his work. Last year we decided that trying to fit 2 thanksgivings with both our family's in one day is too much. We decided that starting this year we were going to alternate family's for Thanksgiving. This year it was PR Dad's family's turn. We were in charge of pies and we spent the day with family. We all sat at one long table in the back yard. The kids got to go swimming and while Lou napped in my arms I got to watch a movie with some cousins and our nephews. The food was wonderful, the desserts were amazing and The Phi had a blast with her twin cousins and Lou enjoyed being passed around the family.

I missed being with my family for the holiday. I have gushed about my family here many times. We even sent a little poster so that we could be there in spirit...

But today I was reminded that I am also thankful for PR Dad's family. When PR Dad and I were first dating we were out and about and he stopped in front of a house. I asked him where we were going and he simply said "we are going to meet my grandparents". That night and meeting his family really sealed the deal. They were amazing and so much like my own wonderful family. Over the last 7 years I have really become a part of their family. The aunties, uncles and all the cousins are wonderful and I am so thankful to have them in my life. They welcomed me with open arms and I appreciate that so much. All the "Ette's" and all the "twins" are such beautiful, unique, funny, loving and strong young women. I am happy to be part of their family and so glad to gave them as role models for my girls.

Stopping that day and having me meet his family was one of the best things PR Dad ever did. It was the thing that let me let go and fall completely in love with him. Knowing that PR Dad came from such wonderful people showed me a lot about who he is and the kind of husband and father he would be.

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