Sunday, November 07, 2010

Second Annual

My cousin Gabriel, and his wonderful wife Angie threw their second annual Halloween Party. And just like last year it was a blast!


Joey the cowboy, me the Starbuck barista and The Phi an adorable witch!

Tommy and Elaine. Tom had one of the best costumes there. The kids were attacking him left and right!

Offering Arnie a nice coffee beverage.

Father Luis giving Sister Cari Communion

Michael the Rodeo Rider and Gabriel aka DJ Pauly D!


Sticking with my costume I drank my beer from my starbucks cup.

Ivana the peacock, Mena some scary mask chain dude, Nene as Edward, Vanni as a Laker Girl, Mikey as a Lost Boy and Elaine as an Army chick.

DJ Pauly D!!!


I went around and made everyone's drink a Starbucks drink!


The Gonzalez Boys fast asleep. 

Like most house partys, this one was shut down by the cops by 10:30 pm, but did we have some fun until then!

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