Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Halloween Baptism

When we were pregnant with Lou we discussed who we wanted to be her God-parents. We knew we wanted people who our second daughter could look up to. People who could be role-models. People who will love her as much as we did. The decision to choose my sister Carissa and our brother-in-law Luis was easy. They would be all that a more for our Lou. We asked them after our baby shower and they both were excited to say Yes! After a class and planning a party we baptized Louella at a beautiful church on Halloween afternoon.

The service begins with the famlies all sitting together. The parents, God-parents and baby in the front row. Louella came in a little casual dress. 


We then head to the front door of the church where we introduce our child to the church for the first time. As soon as he Deacon began talking to Lou she immediately started smiling at him.


The service was centered around the children. As the readings from the bible were read, the Deacon invited all the children to come up to the alter and sit with him. Part of her schooling is memorizing bible verses, so here is The Phi listening and contemplating what she heard.


Before we knew it, it was time to strip down Lou and get her into the warm water. She did great and did not cry.

After her dunk into the water, Joey lifted Lou over his head (think Lion King) in celebration. I didn't think Lou would appreciate her nakedness on the internet so no photo but it was awesome. Here she is after her holy swim.

With her original sin gone she was able to put on her white gown. Lou's baptism dress is her Nina Carissa's baptism gown from 1980. I loved that Lou was able to wear her Nina's dress. It was still beautiful after 30 years.

We rubbed the blessed oils onto her curly hair. It smelled so good!


Even my Cousin Pepe took sometime out from "killing bodies" on Call of Duty to be there.

Lou was not the only one to get baptized that day. The Phi poured some water over Schmonkey's head and then lifted him up lion king style. I asked her who his god-parents were and she told me "Angelica and Justin Beiber"

Photo by C. Perez

Family photo on the front steps of the church.

For good luck the god-parents throw coins to the kids! Bolo!!

A better look at her beautiful dress.
Photo by C. Perez


Louella was blessed with so many wonderful gifts. These outfits were all from her Nana and Tata!


Thank you everyone who came and celebrated such a beautiful and wonderful day for our Louella.

baptism thank yous


  1. Anonymous2:32 PM

    She is so absolutely beautiful. And what a pretty dress. Congrats! Lyndsey

  2. She is getting so big! What a beautiful event. And, girl, you look great after having two kids!

  3. wow....... great brthday party im hay to join ths, tnx

  4. Oh my...what a sweetie! Glad you got that on video and shared it with all of us


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