Wednesday, October 20, 2010

That's Not My Name...


I want to talk to you about your name. We covered your middle name here. Your first name Louella came from your Dad. (He also named your sister). I wanted to name your Delilah. Yes after the Plain White T's song. I liked the name and while I was pregnant I listened to the song "Hey There Delilah" over and over. I really thought that it was going to be your name. In the end you Dad won me over (like he always does) and by the last month we knew your name was going to be Louella.

Yesterday in the car the "Hey There Delilah" song came on the stereo. I looked back at you and realized that you were so not a Delilah. You are definitely a Louella. Really you are definitely a Lou. But I want to tell you why I wanted to name you after a song. The Plain White T's are a pop punk band that I have enjoyed for years. At the Vans Warped Tour in 2003 your Tia Uh-laine and I went to the Pomona show that summer. It was just the two of us and like always it was way hot. We went to one of the smaller stages and found a great shady spot to sit right next to the stage. We were able to sit, relax and watch the Plain White T's set. This is one of my favorite memories of me and your Tia Uh-laine and our concert going days. This day was also special for another reason. It was the first time I laid eyes on your Dad. He was with your Uncle Matty in line for food. As I passed by I waved at your Uncle and saw your Daddy for the first time. T-shirt, trucker, goatee and dark glasses. Now your father will claim I did not see him that day because we didn't speak to each other. But I saw him. I can close my eyes and still see him there in the summer heat with food in his hand. He didn't smile, but his face struck me.

So those were my reasons for wanting to name you Delilah, but as usual you Dad was right on. You are a Louella, not a Deliliah. I just wanted you to know why it was my top choice of names for you.


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