Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thank God for Grandparents

Every year The Phi's school has Grandparents Day. The kids invite their grandparents to a patriotic showcase. Last year The Phi's class sang Yankee Doodle. This year they sang "I love America". They practiced every day for weeks. As the day got closer The Phi started to get really excited. She sang her song around the house and announced that they were going to "Kill it" when it was time to perform.

On Grandparents Day she asked to wear her chapel shoes and wanted her hair to look extra special so I added ribbons. I dropped her off and she skipped off ready for her big day.

In the meantime The Phi's Nana and Tata traveled 3 hours to be there. Great Grandma Josie, Great Grandpa Andy and Grandpa Bobo traveled over an hour to be there. That's right The Phi had FIVE grandparents with her on Grandparents Day.

Phi with her Nana. No doubt her most favorite person on this planet.

The framed picture that each of the Grandparents were given!

The Phi with her Tata.

After the performance we all headed out to lunch together. Before everyone headed home I got a photo of The Phi and her Grandparents from Grandparents Day. What a lucky and blessed little girl to have such wonderful Grandparents who love her so much they would drive so far just to hear her sing!.

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