Friday, October 15, 2010

But Mom I Don't Like Seafood

We were super lucky and were able to spend last weekend in Santa Barbara.On Saturday we spent a Santa Barbara perfect day at the annual Harbor and Seafood Festival. All morning The Phi kept saying "But Mom I don't like seafood!" . I assured her there would be more than seafood there.






We stopped first at the Breakshore Cafe for lunch since the lines for the booths were outrageous!! We got to sit outside and enjoy the views. I tried a crab salad sandwich and it was so delicious! The Phi, being anti-seafood ordered a quesdailla and then ended up eating a good chunk of Joey's fish and chips. When we told her that she was eating seafood she just gave us a big grin.

Lou of course prefers her hand to almost anything else these days. 


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