Friday, August 06, 2010

My yard looks like this because our mailman hates us

We have lived in our house for over 6 years now. In all that time we have never had an issue with our postal service..... until now. Over the past week our mailman left us 2 notes. Did you know they had forms where they can check off what you need to fix on your mailbox? I had no idea but we got 2. One was about fixing out red flag. See our flag holder broke over a year ago and since we hardly mail things out so it hasn't been a big deal. Apparently it was an issue this week. He left us a note telling us to fix it. Simple enough, I just screwed it into a new spot. Thank goodness we have a wooden exterior mailbox.

The other note left my front yard covered in branches. This note asked that we trim our tree. We have a huge Mulberry tree in our front yard and during the summer the tree is full of leaves. It keeps our front yard shady all day. It even gives our neighbor a shady place to park her truck. But it also has really low branches that hang onto the street. Also not an issue for us and it keeps people from parking in front of our house. Apparently our mailman did not like driving through the branches. So yesterday, armed with hedge clippers and a ladder Joey started chopping branches. He cleared the path for Mr. Picky Mailman. Problem is our yard trash can only holds so much. What you see is what didn't fit in our trashcan.

So after Joey was done and had gone inside I was still out in the yard when I saw the mailman coming up our street. So I hung out waiting for him to pull up to our mailbox. I was waiting for a "thank you". Yea, I never got a thank you. Bastard.


  1. Kelly5:55 PM

    I would have removed the red flag all together. And then I would have trimmed a perfect little spot in the branches just big enough for his little jeep to fit through and put up a little sign, "drive-thru for USPS only".

  2. Sorry you got stuck with "the jerk". Glad Joey could do the trimming. Once, we had a mailman who refused to deliver mail to our mailbox - because our dog barked at him! You are not alone.

  3. Crazy world you homeowners live in. Fueding with the mailman. FUnny!
    If you took down the mailbox does that mean he'd have to get out and walk his lazy, government-job ass to your door?

  4. PS: Love you Money!


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