Thursday, July 08, 2010

Where are all my crafters at?

I went to a great high school with great people. Thanks to Facebook many of us are reconnected. We can keep tabs on weddings, new babies and what everyone had for lunch.

One friend is named Allie and she is super cool, and super talented. She recently announced that she was selling some of her creations and I wanted to share her and her wonderful handmade creations with all you!

Tooth Fairy Pillows
When your child loses a tooth, it is very exciting. But why take the chance of losing it, by just putting it under the pillow? I make fun,unique,original Tooth Fairy Pillows, with a pocket for the tooth as well a place for the Tooth Fairy to put the money.

You are more than welcome to request a certain style of fabric as well.

Reversible Child & Adult Aprons:
The fabric color and patterns are up to you, Tell me what you like and I will try and find it
The neck straps are adjustable with the use of "D" rings. There are pockets on each side as well

Hot/Cold Sak
Since we live in Arizona, we use these to cool us down at night. They can also be used for therapy to relax, or to use on sore muscles.

Made out of long grain rice

To use:

Keep in freezer or zap in the microwave for 1 min to 1 min and 20 second. Be careful not to overheat. It WILL be hot.

I know! You want one of each right?

You can contact Allie 2 ways. You can email her at
or visit her etsy shop at

And don't forget to tell her Punk Rock Mom sent you ;)


  1. These are great crafts she has for sale. You are such a good friend.

  2. Anonymous4:17 PM

    I want one with lips on it. =)


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