Thursday, June 24, 2010


Today we celebrate 4 years of marriage. 48 mortgage payments, hundreds of diapers changed, thousands of kisses and countless I Love You's. And yet we have only just begun.

I love you Joey. And I am just as obsessed with you now as I was in the beginning. haha. Thank you for the wonderful fun-filled 4 years. Thank you for loving me.

Happy Anniversary Love! Here is to many many and many more.


  1. You are blessed.
    I know a single mom with three kids (two teen boys, one 11-yr old girl). Ex-husband is a deadbeat, never having provided a cent or any support since he left them seven years ago. She is mom and dad and the total bread winner. She is taxi, cook, housekeeper, tutor,Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, etc. How she does it and stays sane and keeps a smile on her face everyday is a mystery.
    You are lucky, but I know you are aware of that.

    God bless you, Joey, Phi and Louella.


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