Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Celebrating Baby Blu

As my god-daughter Lili said, Baby Blu's Baby Shower was the "best party ever!" It was such an amazing day that pictures really don't do it justice.

In our family we do BIG baby shower. They are for the whole family. My sisters planned this one and my goodness did they do a fantastic job. The games alone were so awesome.

We played around of "baby" Pictionary. People had to draw things like, sick baby, rock the baby, breastfeeding and yes the picture below is "making a baby" haha.

Everyone got to decorate their own little sticker sperm and while blind-folded had to get the sperm onto the target in the egg.

There was also a family feud style game where teams had to list the kids of famous TV families. There was also a hot potato style game where a teddy bear was passed around. Seriously fun games!

Aunt Crissy, Vinnie Binnie and his lovely wife Diana, all friends from high school were there.

The amazing sandwiches and homemade potato chips were provided by my brother Tommy and his hoagie shop. My Mom, sister and Tia Angie and Tia Mary each made salads.

The cake was delicious but my Tia Angie's chocolate covered strawberries were the real hit in the dessert department. The Phi even had a cake for her. She is going to be a big sister after all and that deserves a celebration. She even received some gifts from our guests!

But Baby Blu was spoiled! The pile of gifts was amazing and Baby Blu got so many adorable outfits and many other baby necessities. The Phi, Lili and Felix were a big help with the gifts!

My BFF Crissy must have been buying anything owl she could find, but this owl statue was an amazing find! I adore it, and when she told me it was me and my 2 girls I loved it even more!

And so many beautiful babies!!!

We had a raffle for 2 big baskets. For each diaper and wipes packets you bring you got tickets. Then you chose which basket you wanted your tickets to go to. There was a "Family Fun Night" that Cassie won!

And since my Mom brought a Costco size case of diapers AND wipes she had ALOT of tickets. Her chances were good and she won the "Summer Fun" basket!

It was an amazing day and we hope that everyone that was there had a good time!

To see all the photos from the shower Click Here!


  1. What a great day!

  2. Anonymous10:29 AM

    How did I get caught with the sperm comadre?!? :)

  3. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Wow! Looks like you made out! :)
    We will be stopping by with our gift soon!

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