Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday was going great until SHE RUINED IT!

Today started out as a really great day. Work was awesome and when I picked up The Phi from school she was in a great mood. Her mood was lifted even more when I showed her that a friend of mine had sent the Wimpy Kid book for her. We headed home and got changed into craft appropriate clothes and headed over to a Craftathon! We stayed for well over an hour and The Phi got to do 8 different awesome crafts. (more on that later). I let her buy 2 cookies. One for her and one for her Dad. After the crafting fun I did not want the good time to end so I suggested we go out to dinner. Just me and The Phi. We chose the Spaghetti Factory and even let her chose to sit out on the patio. She was excited to order her usual (mac and cheese) and we read a little of the Wimpy Kid book. AND THEN THE FOOD CAME. And as usual The Phi did not want to eat dinner. This kid never wants to eat dinner. It is a constant battle in our house. The Phi is a great eater at breakfast, an okay eater at lunch and a horrible eater at dinner. Our dinnertime usually goes like this:

  • I make and serve dinner
  • We all sit down
  • The Phi stares at her food
  • PR Dad says "Phi eat" 193432743264378 times
  • The Phi says "My stomach hurts
  • Phi doesn't eat
  • PR Dad says "Phi eat" 38478359095789 more times
  • I remind The Phi that if she doesn't eat, no treat or snacks the next day.
  • Once she hears this The Phi eats.
So we are sitting on the patio of Spaghetti Factory and The Phi starts with her "My stomach hurts". I ignore it and try to enjoy my meal.I get about 3 bites into my meal and I tell her to eat and she says "I think I am going to throw up" So we rush to the bathroom and of course she doesn't throw up. She fakes gagging. I tell her that we have to leave because I don't want her throwing up at the restaurant. Of course she doesn't want to leave. She loves restaurants. But I tell her I can't risk it so I ask for boxes, the check and we leave. And since she was not feeling well at the restaurant she went straight to be when we got home. At 7 pm, while it was still light outside. When putting her to bed she admits to lying about needing to throw up and she is upset that we had to leave the restaurant so fast.

I am bummed. We were having some an awesome day and as usual dinner ruined it.

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