Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Me and my cousins and you and your cousins...

We finally got a chance to head out to Santa Barbara for the weekend. It was a mellow weekend but all the family was together and that makes it extraordinary no matter what we are doing.


The Phi checking out some old toys that the recent rains uncovered on the ranch. My Pops is going to make them into planters.

I finally got a good picture of Flip and his one eye.

After a rainy Saturday, we took advantage of the sun on Sunday and we all headed to the park.

Probably not the best game for my 5 foot Mom to play with my 6 foot Pops.


Despite the "No Frisbee in the grove" signs, Elaine and Luis got some Frisbee time in.


Hang On Poparah!

The Phi finally overcame her fear and drove the jeep herself!

Still laughing after being hit in the face with the ball

Cousins are the best

Heading into the grove to look for pine cones.

You really can't have a bad weekend in Santa Barbara.

And just because hearing these kids laughing is my favorite thing ever....

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