Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Field Trip!

Last Friday The Phi's class had a field trip to a children's museum. And because we are those hovering kind of parents both PR Dad and I went with her. The day was gorgeous and the kids had a great time!

The Phi super excited!

Posing with a statue and a few friends

Stocking up on juice, veggies and crackers at the grocery store

a master pizza maker!

Oh these two faces! I don't think I could love these two anymore!


Dr. Phi is in.

Doing a little car painting while Dad takes a picture.

Like a little Mrs. Roper

climbing the walls. literally.

We looked over to see her "talking" on the phone and knew exactly what we are in for when The Phi gets into her teens.


a group of preschoolers cannot resist a grassy hill.

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