Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Boring, Boring, Boring

The Phi's new favorite word is "boring". Everything is boring to her these days. Chapel is boring, food is boring, Mom is boring. And all this is said with the heavy sigh and eye roll. Yea she is going to be one hell of a teenager. Cannot wait for that. And every time she says "booooorrring" it makes me think of this scene from this movie. It is one of my favorites...

*warning, contains foul language*

*if you are reading this on facebook and cannot see the video just click on "view original post!*

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  1. At some point in my kids' childhood, I simply outlawed the words boring and bored. They were just not allowed to say those words, and if they were bored I would find something for them to do...It sorta worked, but mostly I think they just moved on to other annoying habits.

    My daughter is 13 now. I had no idea 13 was such a fun fun fun age for girls...


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