Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thank You For Being A Friend

I have been trying to write a thank you card for weeks now. But anything I can put down on paper just doesn't seem to cut it. When I found out I was pregnant there were a handful of people I called to break the news to. My BFF Crissy was one of them. Of course she was happy for me. She knew how long we had been trying. Then she told me the best thing a newly pregnant Mom wants to hear. She said "I have a box of maternity clothes, next time your down come by and pick it up". I was speechless. When you find out you're pregnant you begin to add up how much this new adventure is going to cost you. As the numbers start to add up, and they add up so fast, you begin to panic and wonder how you will ever afford it. It makes things like maternity clothes seem like a luxury you will never be able to afford. I had some stuff from when I was pregnant with The Phi and a few tops from my sister, but Crissy loves clothes. She always looks amazing, even all through her pregnancy. A few weeks later I stopped by her place and picked up a box filled with so many cute things. Pants, tops, even a bathing suit.

So like I said, I am having a hard time finding the right words to say thank you. So Crissy, thank you so much. You are an amazing friend and I am very lucky to have you. I appreciate letting me borrow the clothes so much, you have no idea.

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  1. Crissy10:43 AM

    Thanks Willis. I am speechless and flattered. You are like my sis so I was happy to help!! If my maternity clothes can lend you some stilo during this time of need I am pleased to oblige. You know I luv ya like a fat kid luvs cake!!! Hey, maybe someday I can borrow them back???


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