Tuesday, January 05, 2010


My Nana and Tata have lived in the same house for about 50 years. Give or take a few years. They raised their 9 children in this 3 bedroom house. They babysat their dozens of grandchildren and now their great-grandchildren run around the same coffee table that I remember as a child.

Between 1990-1991 I lived the weekdays at my Nana and Tata's. The first bedroom was mine for one school year.

My Nana and Tata's house does not change. Ever. Almost everything looks the same from photos of from even before I was born. When I walk through the back door the scene around me is predictable and comforting. There is a sense that no matter how crazy my life gets, or how fast things change for us, there is a place in this world that doesn't change. That always stays the same. A place that will always bring me comfort and feel like love.

While spending Christmas Eve at Nana and Tata's I spent some time capturing images of their home and the parts that stand out in my mind when I think of this house.


  1. Anonymous4:03 PM

    The refrigerator will all the pictures and magnets always comes to my mind when I think of their home. pn

  2. Wonderful memories for you and the rest of your family.

  3. I had forgotten about those True Stories magazines. I used to read those.

    I moved around a lot as a child. I think it is great you have such fond memories.

  4. my birth announcement is up on that cork board!


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