Wednesday, December 09, 2009


After reading about this on the Internet PR Dad had to try it. It's
called drank and it's the opposite of an energy drink. It's suppose to
help you relax. It has melatonin and rose hips. Both sleep aides. Well
PR Dads friend Luka finally found a can and bought it for PR Dad. See
PR Dad can't sleep, like ever. I would say on average he gets about 4
hours of sleep a night. And if it's a good night he will get those
hours all together. So he drank his Drank and he said he slept a
little better but not much. Unfortunatley Drank was not the cure to
his insomnia.


  1. Have you ever tried natural sleep aids like Valerian? You can buy it at a health food store in an herbal extract...put a couple dropperfuls in some water or tea. I heard it works really, really well for people with insomnia.

  2. Years ago, I had that awful "no sleep" problem. I took about 6 Calcium Lactate tablets, before bed, and started sleeping like a baby. You have to find it in a health food store. Now, I just take Benadryl, because it doesn't happen very often.

  3. Anonymous1:42 PM

    chug it down. Or try to mix it with vodka, like I've done before

  4. WonderlandHwy8:07 PM

    omg... I almost died when he found that drank drink! It only had 5mg of melatonin.. I think as a safety feature. Anymore and I think it might help. LOL I can't believe they even make that stuff.
    He should try warm tea or better yet... have him stay up with the new baby! ;]


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