Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Every year since I have moved out here I have had my niece The Chone
spend a few days with me. The Chone is my first true love and I hate
being apart from her. I hate missing her school functions and most of
her sports events. I usually have her spend a few days during winter
break and a few days during the summer. We go to fun places and try to
do things she will enjoy. I guess it's my way of trying to make things
up to her. Now that The Phi is around The Chone is her idol. The Phi
LOVES The Chone like crazy. So my few days with The Chone have turned
into sleep-overs and pure heaven for The Phi. They have an 6 year gap
so I know that The Chone will not want to hang out with her little
cousin for many more years. She will be a teenager way too soon and
playing ponies and making movies with her little cousin won't be as
fun as hanging out with her friends. So I will enjoy these times I
have with The Chone for as long as I can.

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