Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 In Review

So here it is. Another year of blogging everyday done and done. For the last day of the year I give you our year in review.

  • started the new year in a very mellow fashion
  • new bedding for The Phi, PR Dad and Uncle Matty
  • we review the gripit flosser
  • i give you mine and PR Dad's top 5 list
  • Phis school is vandalized
  • despite being too busy The Phi give thanks
  • more Chicana guilt at the spa
  • The Phi called me stupid. TO MY FACE
  • Phi invents Cramalina soup
  • I fall in love with bangs again
  • I give an interview for HAU
  • We go to a hip-hop video shoot
  • I cried and The Phi clapped at the inauguration
  • we discover the buffet at the casino
  • we ended the month at our favorite place, Santa Barbara
  • Project 365 #1-31
  • We went to the Zoo
  • The Phi blogs about Baby Eli
  • we made lip and mustache valentines for The Phis class
  • we visit the stuffed animal/egg museum
  • valentines day in the snow with heart shaped pizza and bowling
  • The Phi is the Student of the Week
  • The Phi becomes memorized by live mariachi music
  • Roo gets a haircut and is almost unrecognizable
  • Phi asks A LOT of questions
  • my photography makes it to Baby Eli's walls
  • We end the month with plumbing problems.
  • project 365 #32-59
  • Phi the art collector
  • weather warms up and we head to the park
  • we plant some flowers and gain a gnome
  • I take an HR law class with Dr. King
  • we start reading chapter books for bedtime
  • PR Dad changes his facial hair, again
  • my photos get rejected
  • The Phi goes on a green photo shoot
  • we meet with a douche bag doctor
  • we meet with Crystal and Ben for the first time!
  • The Phi get bangs and changes her whole look
  • my parents walk for days in Mexico
  • we take The Phi to see a 3-d movie
  • Phi spends the night with her godparents and PR Dad and I have a 24 hr date in San Diego
  • The whole family stops to grab a hoagie at Tommy's shop
  • I re-vamp my photo blog
  • Project 365 #60-90
  • The Phi begins rehearsing her life
  • my parents celebrate 34 years and my sister and Luis celebrate 2
  • we went to the science museum and caught a bubble show
  • we missed, loved and remembered Roman
  • we throw the devil horns at catholic school
  • we get a visit from Baby Eli
  • i finally saw the movie Twilight
  • the easter bunny left tracks all over my house
  • we take The Phi and The Chone to the LA Zoo
  • we go to Booga's soccer game
  • i apologize to my parents for 1989-1991
  • we went to a NKOTB concert
  • another amazing weekend in SB
  • The Phi and I visit with Aunt Crissy and Baby Eli
  • Project 365 #91-120
  • i get stood up by my 7th grade boyfriend
  • Flip has a birthday
  • The Phi introduces us to "Cash Money Eyes"
  • my parents are evacuated. again
  • i do a college grad portrait photo shoot with the beautiful Holly
  • i pay respect to my Mom on Mothers Day
  • we celebrate mothers day with family and fun
  • i confess to a weird thing
  • The Phi gets a big girl bike as an early birthday gift
  • The birthday celebrations begin
  • we do up Disneyland...big time
  • Baby Eli get rid of his original sin
  • We end the month in Santa Barbara
  • project 365 # 121-151
  • The Phi has a sleepover at Nana and Tatas with her cousins
  • we get stuck with The Phi all summer long
  • we celebrate Day-Days birthday at CA Adventure!
  • The Phi begins her Adventure Book
  • we see some amazing side walk chalk drawings
  • i lose a hub-cap and have to drive around all ghetto
  • Grandma Watt visits from Florida
  • The Phi tries Pop Rocks
  • we headed to Venice, Ca
  • i cried at the bank
  • The Phi finishes her first year of school
  • I interview The Phi about her Dad
  • we celebrate Baby's Daddy Day with glitter and lowrider bikes
  • PR Dad and I celebrate 3 years of wedded bliss
  • I get spoiled with Coach and perfume
  • we are shocked by the death of Michael Jackson
  • i get some amazing necklaces from my cousins Sass
  • project 365 # 152-181
  • Artful Chica enters our lives and her art adorns our walls
  • Phi goes to the dentist
  • we spend 3rd of July in moorpark
  • i get into the show 6 feet under and did not understand the hype about the ending
  • The Phi and PR Dad fall in love with "Wipeout"
  • did a Senior portrait shoot with my cousins Mikey and only get yelled at by the cops once
  • PR Dad and I spend a day in Santa Barbara without The Phi
  • Roo has dental surgery and we miss him
  • The Phi and I have a perfect evening under the stars watching a movie
  • we get a free upgrade at Dodger Stadium
  • i fall for mineral water
  • we end the month stressing about vacation
  • Project 365 #182-212
  • Roo comes home. Yea
  • we head to Bass Lake for 5 days of tent camping
  • we get a glimpse at a WAN weekend
  • we enjoy a baby shower for Rosie, Gio and Baby Vivi
  • The Phi adds to her list of medications
  • Lili and Felix turn 3
  • i give you a glimpse of our Bass Lake talent show and my Ode to Bass Lake
  • Angelica turn 10 years old!
  • Uncle Matty gets a giant mug for his Diet Coke
  • The Chone hits the jackpot
  • We find a cute local shop
  • Baby Vivi enters the world
  • As school nears The Phi learns the important rule "don't talk about butts at school"
  • I end the month by launching The Altaristas Co-lab with Artful Chica
  • project 365 #213-243
  • The Phi starts a new school with uniforms and everything
  • Mom celebrates her birthday
  • I bitch about the school pick-up line
  • Phi flies high in the air at the LA County Fair
  • we discuss the hoop-la about the presidents speech on education being shown in schools
  • we hit up a motorcycle stunt show
  • The Phi becomes DJ Eczema
  • Moorpark High C/O 95 loses a very good man
  • The Phi rules the dance floor as the flower girl at Crystal and Ben's wedding
  • Tio Luis has a birthday
  • we spend a hot day at Route 66 car show
  • A classic Malibu make me write about my friend Ozzie
  • Roo goes missing and I panic
  • Nina Patty and Tia Uh-laine celebrate their birthdays
  • The Phi becomes a published author
  • The Dre's have a great baby shower
  • project 365 #244-273
  • i wonder if parents have favorites
  • we celebrate Grandpa Andy's 80th birthday
  • The Phi gets a giant list of allergies
  • The Phi is not the next Tiger Woods
  • My family partied until 4 am
  • Lunch and Wine with my Boo
  • we find a car show in Temecula and PR Dad looks hot in glasses
  • We go with The Phi on her first field trip
  • Her first college lecture and she falls fast asleep
  • I can't believe that Roo is already 6 years old
  • I refuse to use the drop off line at school
  • I turn old
  • After a rough start we have a good time at the pumpkin patch
  • I have an amazing birthday weekend
  • project 365 #274-304
  • the kids stay close thanks to the internet
  • Baby Matias is here!
  • we head to Riverside for Dia de los Muertos
  • we head to Arizona to meet up with Artful Chica
  • i read the bell jar
  • i rock a Caboodle
  • The Phi brings home a neck-less turkey
  • Uncle Matty turns 20-11
  • We finally cut The Phi's hair
  • Thanksgiving is here and we share our amazing news
  • The baby gets a nickname already
  • Our house becomes Christmas-y
  • Santa needs help deciding between a nintendo and a leapster
  • project 364 #305-334
  • i do another photo shoot for my cousins business
  • we get to meet Sweet Baboo
  • I am humbled and honored at the HAU 10 year anniversary
  • PR Dad finally gets his Drank on
  • The Phi meets Santa and shoots stuff
  • we head out to the LA Auto Show in the rain
  • The Phi shines in her school Christmas Paegant
  • the doctor drama begins
  • Baby Eli turns 1 and we celebrate Sesame Style
  • Christmas was amazing
  • I try to teach The Phi to dress herself
  • The Phi gets a Leapster and Roo gets a Snuggie
  • The Chone comes for a visit and the girls make an awesome movie
We are spending New Years Eve here at home. Day-Day, Luis, Lili and Felix are coming and we are going to eat pizza, play board games and ring in 2010 together.

2010 holds a lot of promise for the PR Family. We wish nothing but awesome and amazing things for our friends and family for this new decade.

Happy New Year

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  1. Aww you made me cry, I made it on your list 3 times. Big Hugs to all of you!


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