Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Two random things:

1. Does any other 30 something still rock a caboodle like mine? I
think I totally stole this from my sister like 15 years ago.

2. I had a very random memory today. When we were little my mom use to
keep a salt shaker with cinnamon and sugar in it so we could make
instant cinnamon toast. Yes my Mom is a genius.


  1. yes you stole it from me. elaine would always make cinnamon toast. i threw out that shaker (it was bigger than a salt shaker) when mom moved out cause it had sugar and cinnamon that was like 5 years old.

  2. My mom also kept a shaker of cinnamon sugar... and yes, we have one in our cabinet too. Cinnamon sugar rocks.

  3. Anonymous5:18 AM

    caboodles are awesome! mine was pink and mint green. Loved that thing...I'm sure Patty "donated" it to someone the minute I packed up for college! Ang

  4. woo hoo!!! I am not alone in the world! I still have my Caboodle too & I use it everyday!! Mine is blue with green handle & it has the lift out tray inside.


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