Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Sweet Babboo

Thanks for all the kinds words on the last post. Just wanted to clarify that it was written the day after we found out I was pregnant. It was my immediate and impulsive reaction. Since then we have had about a month for the news to sink in. We have had a doctors appointment and an ultra-sound where we got to see the little bean. We have been able to share the news with friends and family, and with The Phi.

From the moment we told The Phi that she as going to be a big sister she was ecstatic. She is already in love with her brother/sister and with the idea of being a big sister. Her love for all things Peanuts has lead to the baby's nickname. She calls him/her, "My Sweet Babboo"

Most mornings the first words out of her mouth are "Good Morning Sweet Babboo." Every night she kisses my belly and says "goodnight my sweet Babboo". She loves looking at pictures of what the baby looks like every week. Like everything else, The Phi makes it so much more exciting.


  1. I'm so happy for you, Joey and the Phi!


  2. this is great!!!! The Phi will be the best big sister.


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