Monday, November 23, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot......

I know that Thanksgiving isn't even here yet, but around this house the talk has been about Christmas. This year The Phi really gets it. We have been watching Christmas movies, listening to Christmas music and answering A LOT of Santa Claus related questions from The Phi.

"Where is Santa now?"
"Why doesn't he come in through the door?"
"Why does he come at night time?"

The Phi is also understanding the idea of asking Santa for gifts. My little computer nerd has spent a good deal of time browsing the Toys R Us Big Book Catalog on-line. As she looks at every page she exclaims, "Oh I want that. I am going to ask Santa for that!"

The other day while at the mall after getting our hair cuts we walked past the man himself. He was sitting in a big red velvet chair. The Phi glanced over and he waved at her, she froze and slowly waved back. Then in a whisper of a voice she said...

"Mom. That was Santa."

She is so excited for Christmas and she is making me excited about it too!


  1. im trying to keep xmas out of the house till after thanksgiving. then the craziness begans. i got lots of stuff planned for them to do.

  2. That is exactly how things are over here at this house. This year my girl is like REALLY over the moon about it. Its insane! We are already listening to Christmas music ALL.THE.TIME and thanks to the 5 million commercials they play all I hear all day long is I WANT THAT, I WANT THAT TOOOO!!

    Very exciting and Im loving every minute of it!

  3. She's at such a great age.


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