Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day before Thanksgiving

.....and I am where most people are this evening. In the kitchen. My Mom's side of the family does a big Thanksgiving together. All my aunts take turns hosting at their homes. Everyone is assigned something to bring. My Tia Angie, being the awesome Tia she is, remembered we had a long drive ahead of us for the day and just assigned us soda. So why am I in the kitchen?

Well a few weeks ago PR Dad mentioned someone from his work asked if we wanted some persimmons from a persimmon tree they had. I told him to bring some and when the bag of orange fruit came into my house I had a flash back from when I was a kid and the first time I have ever heard of a persimmon. It was fall and for some party or get together my Tia Angie made persimmon cookies. I had never heard of this fruit before but I remember those cookies being oh so good. Everything my Tia Angie makes is heavenly but years later just the sight of a bag of persimmons made me think of those cookies. I found a recipe on-line (since my Tia no longer had hers) and made a batch.

My family ate then up fast. Since I had some persimmons left over I decided to make a few dozen persimmon cookies for Thanksgiving. So right now, like many homes across the nation, our is filled with the scents of warm Thanksgiving spices.


  1. we got some at the farmers market. e mail me the reciepe.

  2. I have never heard of persimmon cookies! Take pictures. :)


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