Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bottomless Pit

When The Phi's exczema gets really bad we have some steroid medication
to give her. With the cold weather finally here the wind and heaters
make her skin pretty bad so I gave her 2 days worth of the steroid
medication to help clear up her skin. The medication works okay on her
skin but the side effects are pretty funny.

First off the kids is. Constantly bouncing. Always moving and talking.
The second is her appetite. The kid eats all day. She will have
breakfast and immediatley ask for lunch. She always wants a snack.
Tonite at dinner she ate 10 chicken nuggets (plus some fruit). 10!!!!

This "bottomless pit" version of The Phi is so nice because normally
we have to beg and plead to get her to eat. It is such a drastic
change and we enjoy it while we can.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Ha ha ha. That reminds me of the time Lucas ate 3 hot dogs. And he didn't have any steroid medication!


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