Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wine and Catch-up

There was a time when my best friend Ami was a part of my everyday. Even though she lived in San Diego and I lived in Ventura County we saw each other very often. She has always been one of my absolutely favorite people to be around and talk with.

Years ago she moved to Chicago and as life begins to move quickly for each of us its hard to find the time to be in each others every day. Except she is in my thoughts everyday.

On Friday afternoon, while she was on a quick visit home, we meet at a winery in Temecula for lunch. The surroundings were beautiful, as most wineries are. I sat at the table on the patio next to a vineyard and waited for my Boo.

She walked into the patio, looking amazing (as usual) and I was so happy to see her. She sat down and it was as if time had stopped the last time we we together and it just picked right up again.

Talking with Ami is never forced or uncomfortable. We could talk to each other for hours. And we have. We ate lunch, we drank wine and we caught up and picked up where we had last left off.
Finding a friendship that can stand the test of time and distance is beautiful. We have been through so much together and those tough times where I spent hours listening to her just think out loud. And the hours she spent listening to some of the crazy things I thought were good ideas.

We never judge, we only support and love each other.


  1. Such a great day for you. Love the photos, too.

  2. I've never been to a winery. It's one of the things that I've had on my radar for a long time but haven't been able to do.

    In other news, I have the shirt that you're wearing in that picture. Good taste.

  3. Those friendships are wonderful. Like you just slip back into it even without daily/weekly contact.

    My mom's friend works at a winery in Temecula. Mom, my sister and I took a trip out there in March (or April?). It was a nice reunion with her friend and the wine was nice too.

  4. Anonymous3:12 PM

    GORGEOUS picture of you both! Beautiful, strong, women. It's great to see! JVS


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