Friday, October 16, 2009

Found Car Show

After wine tasting with my Boo PR Dad, The Phi and I decided to explore Old Town Temecula and were very pleasantly surprised to find a Classic Car Show!

It was such a nice way to spend the afternoon. Old Town Temecula is really cute and would love to go back when the streets are open to wander and shop around.

Every once and awhile I snap a photo of PR Dad that I ADORE! I love it so much it becomes the desktop background on all my computers and I print it out and out it by my bedside.

While at the car show there was a booth selling sunglasses. While The Phi tried on different styles PR Dad put on a pair and I snapped a photo and SWOON!

I am such a sucker for boys in glasses!


  1. Hi Elissa, This is Vince Martinez wife... I'm obsessed with your blog. I love it. You know Vince and I live in Murrieta which is only 1 minute away from Temecula. Next time that you're in town please let us know.. Maybe we can meet you at one of the winerys. Take care.

  2. Alina9:18 PM

    omg... Luka is a sucker for girls in glasses! When we met I wore glasses.... recently, he asked me why I didn't wear them around him anymore! It makes me wonder if he still thinks I'm cute without them?! lol


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