Punk Rock Parents: First Field Trip

Monday, October 19, 2009

First Field Trip

Last week The Phi had her first school field trip. Each student was required to have a parent with them, and since The Phi is an overachiever, she had both parents with her.

The morning of the field trip we got up early and as got The Phi ready I asked if she was excited. She said "Yes Mom I am so excited to ride the bus!" Except there was no bus involved in this trip.

After checking in at school we made the drive up to Riley Farms. Where we were transported to the colonial days were The Phi learned how to.....

spin yarn and weave with a loom

how to churn butter.....

to make candles.....

to eat awesome caramel apples.....

and to write with a quill.......

After our tour we stopped for a picnic lunch.

Then we marched to the pumpkin patch to unsuccessfully find a pumpkin.

The trip was good, and The Phi had a good time. For me it lasted about 30 minutes too long. Every notice we had received regarding about the field trip told us to dress warm because its always chilly up there. So I wore a sweater and it was like 90 degrees and I was hot and miserable by 1 pm. It was very cool to see The Phi interact with her friends and place little faces to names she talks about.

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  1. Anonymous3:10 PM

    So what do you do if a parent isn't available for the field trip? I can barely make it to school to pick Elias up on time every day. (I know, I know, bad mom . . .)