Saturday, October 03, 2009


I was reading the current issue of Cookie magazine and came across a really interesting article all about favoritism in families. The article stated that up to 2/3 of parents have a favorite child. I was shocked! We grew up in a house where Mom often stated that all 3 of us were her favorite. I am sticking to the idea that my Mom is part of that 1/3 who do not have a favorite.

Since The Phi is an only child I have yet (and may never have to) see if I become one of those parents who have a favorite. The article continued and stated that the favorite child can change from time to time. Switch off if you will. I can see that. When I was a pain in the ass teenager I am sure little Tia Uh-laine who was like 5 and all cute and stuff would have been the favorite. But the day that I got my college degree, and Tia Uh-laine was a pain in the ass teenager, I was the favorite. The article said that parents of twins are more likely to have a favorite child. Ouie is this true?

I am not completely disgusted by the idea. I can totally see it, but is it true?

So parents with more than 1 child out there. Do you have a favorite?

Jessica, Cari, Denise. I am looking at you!


  1. I don't have a favorite, but my mother really did.

  2. Anonymous7:41 PM

    I don't have a favorite...but I have different bonds with each of my kids. My bond with liam is very strong...he will always be "my boy." My bond with Taylor is different...she's my daughter and I see her and want her to learn to stand strong, be strong, and assertive. I expect more from her at her young age...more than I ever did with Liam. Not sure why...but both kids think I'm the greatest mom in teh world. That's enuf for me!

  3. you know i was always the favorite! remember when i was grounded for like a year so they could spend more time with me!
    oh yes there are favorites! but it depends what you mean by favorite. like anonymous said, there are different bonds. like felix is my only boy and my baby. me and chone were just me and chone for a long time. lili is hillarious and you can't be upset when she smiles at you. it can change from time periods of years, weeks, days, or even minutes! its more of a who is behaving and not making life harder for you at the moment. it doesnt mean that you love them any more or less than another. with twins you can't help but compare, so that makes a "favorite" happen.
    i always tell luis that he is his parents favorite. he denies it.

  4. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Nope, no favorite for me. When I was pregnant with Lucas, I used to think, "How could I possibly love any child as much as I love Elias?" And I felt really guilty that I wouldn't be able to give the new baby as much love. Rick used to say that Elias would always be his favorite. But as soon as the little guy popped out, I realized how much capacity the human heart has to love. They each have their own personalities and special qualities, that it really is easy to appreciate each child for the great qualities they have. Although there are times when Elias drives me crazy (Lucas hasn't reached that point yet), I can't say I ever have a favorite. My parents DEFINITELY had a favorite. (And it wasn't me!)

  5. I label them my favorite big Son,my favorite middle son,and my favorite baby boy. My dad did the same with my sister and I. I was his favorite Big Mija, but they favored my sister.
    I am more protective of the youngest because of all the medical issues I had getting him here and what he dealt with after.


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