Thursday, September 10, 2009

Steve is Going to College!

So you parents out there are probably familiar with this little show called "Blue's Clues". Well The Phi has been watching this one Blue's Clues DVD for YEARS now. (THANKS OUIE!) One of the episodes was the carefully done transition episode. See Blue's original owner is Steve and towards the end of the series Steve leaves and Joe is new the host and living in the house with Blue. Joe is Steve's brother, even though they don't look alike and Steve is like a midget compared to Joe. Anyways! So that kids across America would not suffer from any kind of trauma, they introduced the idea of Joe with this episode about Steve going to college, and his brother Joe comes over to meet everyone. There is a song is this episode that haunts the dark corners of my mind, and will spontaneously pop into my head at awkward times.

Come on, I know you know it.....

Steve is going to College!

So after watching this episode for years The Phi finally asked me "What is college?" So I explained to her how you start with pre-school and how you end up at college. She asked me "Mommy did you go to college?" I got a far away look on my face remembering my good ol' college days and told her that Yes Mommy went to college. I left out the part about going to one of the top rated party schools in the country. GO GAUCHOS!

The Phi was totally confused. She could not understand the time frame. The idea that my college days were in the past. She asked me....

"Did you drive to college and leave me and Daddy at home?"

"Did I go to college with you?"

"Are you going to college tomorrow?"


This child cannot comprehend the idea that I had an entire life, and entire 27 years before she was born. In her mind, my life started when she was born. And I guess in some sense she is right. Kind of, sort of, in a spiritual awakening kind of way.

I thought about this idea in my child's head and thought....."Man this kid is an ego-manic!"


  1. wonderlandhwy4:31 PM

    Cyrus loved Blue's Clues..... I cried when he was over that phase. His first sentence was "look mom a paw paw... it's a clue!" I kept all the stuff affiliated with the show that Cyrus loved. That I still love...
    Cyrus even learned his first dance moves from Steve and Joe! lol

  2. remember the rumors that steve died in a drug overdose, or that he was going to rehab. lol

    you should play that asher roth song for her next time she asks about college...
    "i love college,HEY! i love drinking, HEY!"


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