Punk Rock Parents: B-day Shout Outs!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

B-day Shout Outs!

We are in the middle of the birthday season in our family. Today we celebrate Tio Luis!

Our brother and The Phi's Tio.

He is a big guy, with an even bigger heart.
Who is crazy enough and patient enough to marry my sister!

Who is a great Tio and such a good Daddy to Lili and Felix and the best Step-Monster to Angelica!

You are such a hard worker and we hope today is relaxing and fun.

We Love you.
Happy Birthday!


  1. carissa made me clean the house today y no creo que eso is relaxing. thank you for putting me in your blog.

  2. Dude... That was such a good wrap up of Luis. Happy Birthday Luis!

  3. what do you mean crazy and patient enough to marry me!?! LOL!

  4. happy birthday luis!!!! sept babies rock!!!