Tuesday, September 08, 2009


So over the weekend I started hearing things about a speech that Barack Obama was going to be speaking to students in school across the country. I heard people throw out words like brain-washing.

Seriously? People thought that Barack Obama was going to go up there and brain-wash kids to what..... approve his health care reform. The White House put out the speech on Monday so that school and parents could read exactly what he was going to say. Then they could decide if they wanted thier students to see Obama make his speech.

Some parents felt that by showing the President's speech schools and the government were undermining the parents authority. I can't agree with this. If you send you child to a public school you are trusting that the administration of that school will have the best judgment in what is being shown and taught to your child. If you are going to want to monitor everything your child see, reads, and learns than I think homeschooling or private school is for you.

I watched his speech live today and it was a well written and given speech. It reminded me of a pep talk my Mom would have given me. It left me with hope and optimism. There was nothing political, nothing right winged, or left winged about this speech. He spoke at the childrens level, even mentioning, iphones, twitter and facebook.

The message of his speech was loud and clear. Education is important and YOU can succeed with hard work. Shit if Rush Limbaugh wants to tell my kid these things in a speech I would let her listen. These are good messages for students to hear. And the fact that the President is taking time out to speak directly to students makes it that much more important and that fact is not lost on kids. This speech made them feel important.

The Phi's school (being a private school) did not show the speech so instead The Phi and I watched it later together. She was excited because The President was talking to her! I knew she would like the speech, even though she didn't understand most of it....

The Phi is an Obama fan.

* this is how my nephew says Barack Obama

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