Monday, August 24, 2009

Until Next Year....

Family Vacation

Our annual caravan to the north
Travel to our special location
Eat at Denny's
Back on the road to our place for
more than 20 years.

To smell the scent of pine
To smell thick gray smoke
To smell food cooking on the grill
To smell the sun and wind on our skin

To smell the dirty stinky public bathrooms

To hear the boats roar across the water
To hear waves lapping against the shore
To hear the crackle of the campfire
To hear the laughter of the kids as they run and play

To hear the bees swarm over everything

To taste the ooey gooey s'mores
To taste the ice cold beer
To taste chips, soda, cookies, yum!
To taste food that's even better outdoors

To taste the algae fishy lake water

To feel the rocks on our feet as we walk into the water
To feel the cool refreshing water
To feel the sun on our tan, bronze, red skin
To feel the hot sand of the lake shore

To feel a mosquito bite you

To see pine trees as tall as buildings
To see blue green lake water
To see the Corner Store so yellow and bright
To see the family together

To see the lake disappear as we drive home.

So until next year our beloved Bass Lake
Tomorrow a new countdown starts until we come back
Back to your windy roads and days of sun and water

-Elissa R. Lerma
August 11, 2009

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