Friday, August 28, 2009

Rusty Star

While on an errand for work The Phi and I found a new little thrift store in town. As I walked out of the printers shop I noticed that what once an empty corner store was bursting with cute chairs and wall decorations. We looked both ways and crossed the street to explore a little. I noticed the name printed on the window "Rusty Star"

(Apparently I am some kind of pervert because my mind immediately thought it sounded dirty. I think I was mixing star fish with trombones. I know I am sick. Anyways the store is called Rusty Star, and there are a few rusty stars hanging outside to remind you.)

We were greeted by Brandy, a young blond girl who I later found out was the owner. She invited The Phi and I to look around as she finished setting up for the day. In a pretty small space they have managed to carry everything. From jewelery, clothes, bags, pictures, furniture, art pieces, lunch boxes, and tons of adorable knick-knacks.

As we wandered around I was blown away at how reasonably priced everything was. With the selection of items I expected to pay big bucks for anything. It was the exact opposite. I spotted an item I wanted and The Phi feel in love with an owl.

Since we were on the clock at work we said good-bye to Brandy promising to return later in the day. She promised to have chai tea waiting.

The Phi had a doctors appointment that day and I promised her that if she was good we would go back for the owl. Of course she was good and after the doctors we headed back to the Rusty Star.

As promised Brandy had cold chai lattes for her customers and even gave The Phi some ice cold water. We walked around a few more times oohing and aahhing over all the things we wanted.

In the end we walked out with 3 things.

I found a necklace I had to have.

And I paid $5 for. YES $5!!!

I also bought this little metal stained glass strawberry stand. My intentions were for it to hold napkins, but it was too short so instead it holds my sponge by the kitchen sink.

And I paid $3 for. YES $3

Of course The Phi ended up with her owl.

Which we got for free! See The Phi fell for this owl because she had a chipped ear. She spent most of the day in between visits to Rusty Star making up stories about how her owl lost her ear. When Brandy noticed the ear was chipped she gave it to The Phi. GAVE IT to her. Then The Phi immediately named it Georgia.

I was officially in love with this little shop and Brandy then took it to the next level. She rang me up and handed me my purchase in a popcorn bag.

How stinking cute is that?

She had also wrapped my necklace in a colorful cellophane party bag. These little details were too much and I knew that I wanted to tell the internet all about this place. So I did something I rarely do. I asked her if it was okay if I took some photos and wrote about her place on my website. Brandy gave me the green light and before we left I snapped some photos.

If you are ever in the Riverside County area of California. Maybe on your way to Palm Springs. Stop by.....

Rusty Star
66 G San Gorgonio
Open Monday - Friday 11am - 7pm

I am already looking forward to my next visit.


  1. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Interesting.... that has to be real close to the theatre! I will ahve to check it out!

  2. I wish I lived that way. I would LOVE to shop in a store like that!

  3. Sounds like a cool place. Maybe you should write a Yelp review?

  4. I like those kinds of stores. You're right, they are usually way overpriced for some odd knick knacks. I wish our cities had more of these little mom and pop shops...I can only stand so many subway/starbucks/coldstone/pick-up sticks clusters everywhere you turn.

    San Gorgonio?

  5. What city is this in? I need to visit. There aren't very many good thrift stores around the IE, just yucky chains.


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