Sunday, August 30, 2009

No Talking About Butts

The other day The Phi informed me that her father told her that she could not talk about "butts" at school. I told her that he was right but in my mind I was super thankful that PR Dad was on this.

See in this house we talk about butts, a lot. Like all day long someone is smacking someones butt, blaming someone else for a fart or just saying "butt" or "butt crack".

In 2 days The Phi will be starting a new school. A private christian school with uniforms and everything. We are so afraid that she will be kicked out for being too "unchristian-like" when it comes to her vocabulary. Talking about butts is the worst of it, but like I said its constant.

So over the last week we have been hammering this idea into The Phi's head...

"No Talking About Butts at School"

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