Punk Rock Parents: No Talking About Butts

Sunday, August 30, 2009

No Talking About Butts

The other day The Phi informed me that her father told her that she could not talk about "butts" at school. I told her that he was right but in my mind I was super thankful that PR Dad was on this.

See in this house we talk about butts, a lot. Like all day long someone is smacking someones butt, blaming someone else for a fart or just saying "butt" or "butt crack".

In 2 days The Phi will be starting a new school. A private christian school with uniforms and everything. We are so afraid that she will be kicked out for being too "unchristian-like" when it comes to her vocabulary. Talking about butts is the worst of it, but like I said its constant.

So over the last week we have been hammering this idea into The Phi's head...

"No Talking About Butts at School"

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