Monday, August 17, 2009

Another appointment another pill

Oh yea we are ballers with all our prescriptions. NOT!

The Phi had an apppitment with her allergist today. Good timing too.
See when we went camping I was really anxious about how she would
react to being in the woods. And by react I mean I was anticipating
asthma attacks, swollen itchy eyes and her skin covered in hives.
Turns out The Phi and Bass Lake go together like peas and carrots.
( well she was concieved there so maybe it's like going home to her).
Her eyes and skin cleared up and she did better there than most places.

Then we came home and she has had one of the worst break outs in a
long time. Today under her eyes and eye lids were red. Rash
everywhere. Itching like crazy. So her allergist uped the amount of
Singular. Doubled her allergy medication dose added a new ointment to
eliminate infection because her skin it cracked dry and bleeding in
some places, and added a oral steroid tablet to help calm this recent

Am I stupid to want the opposite of this. Am I irrational because I
want her to be better but I want LESS medication at the same time.
Seeing her scratch at herself all day everyday it hard. Seeing her
fingers ankles and toes bleed rips my heart apart. What is the answer.
What will make this go away?

She has some lab work that needs to get done before her next
appointment and we hope that will give us a better idea of what she is
really allergic to.

We know that there are things we can do to help. Like take out all the
carpet in this house, but where do we find $ for that.

This is something Joey and I struggle with everyday. He thinks it's
his fault because he has exzema. I think it's my fault because I
couldn't breastfeed her enough. But really The Phi suffers the most of
all. Lucky for us she does it with no complaints and a smile on her
itchy dry beautiul face.


  1. It's hard to know what to do. Yes, taking out the carpet would be a good idea. I have allergies, and one of my daughters had them. In her they caused behavior problems. We took her to a pediatric allergist, made a great difference.

  2. move to bass lake. i'll visit all the time in the summer!


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