Saturday, July 11, 2009

Six Feet Under

"It will change your life" that is was my sister Elaine told me about the HBO series Six Feet Under. She was not the only one. Frosty (of my old radio show Frosty Heidi and Frank) often talked about how the last 9 minutes of the series was the best television in the history of television.

I added all the discs to my Netflix and they started trickling in. People on twitter and facebook told me how much they loved the show and how much everyone bawled their eyes out at at the end of the show.

So I watched all the seasons. I got into the characters and could not get the next disc delivered to my house fast enough. I loved Claire, hated Brenda, loved Rico, hated Keith, then later loved Keith. It was a really great show and I was so anxious when I got to the last few episodes of the series.

Everyone told me how amazing the end was. I could not imagine what would happen. I keep thinking that something horrible was going to happen to the Fishers' because something bad always happens to the Fishers. Then it was time for the last episode. I watched with the tissues near-by. Then I waited. Waited for the super emotional part to happen. Then it ended and my tissue was not used, my eyes were dry and I was confused. For a minute I thought maybe I got some kind of censored version of the ending. Was that really what everyone was so sad about?

I thought the ending was a nice way to end a series by summing up the characters lives. I was happy that they all seemed to have lived long and happy lives. But not sad, especially not crying sad. Maybe it was all too hyped up in my mind. Despite the disappointing (to me) ending I loved the entire series! A really really great show

But for life altering shows, you gotta watch "Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia". Now that show will change your life.


  1. Hi, I'm a blog stalker :)
    I LOVE Six Feet Under & watched it the same way you did.. waiting for Netflix to hurry & ship the next one. I didn't think the end was all dramatic either, but I liked it. I think a dramatic ending would've been too much. I love that they just had normal lives & deaths.
    I cried at the end 'cause it was over! :(

  2. Six feet under was an amazing show and you are right... the ending was phenomenal!


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